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PFS Group is an Australian, Service Driven Company providing solutions to all manner of Passive Fire Protection requirements, and servicing all industry sectors including - Commercial, Industrial, Civil, Healthcare, Heritage Listed and Special Purpose Buildings. PFS Group is a leader in Passive Fire Protection, Vermiculite Fire Spray and Underslab Insulation to the Commercial and Industrial sectors. PFS Group service Architects, Engineers, Building Surveyors, Consultants, Designers, Builders and all allied trade contractors.

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PFS Group are approved and qualified installers of Rayflate inflatable seals.

Rayflate seals are designed to seal cable pipes and ducts from moisture ingress, avoiding dampness or flooding in sub-station basements, cable vaults or access manholes. Inflatable bags manufactured from a flexible metallic laminate, coated on both sides with a sealant strip.
Once inflated, the bag forms around the cable/s and the sealant presses against the duct wall, providing an effective moisture barrier.
Various bag size are available, dependant on the duct diameter requiring sealing. Larger diameters can also be accommodated.


For Expert advice and a price to supply and install Rayflate seals please contact:

Mr. Roy Toal.
0434 143 661.
1300 791 061.