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PFS Group is an Australian, Service Driven Company providing solutions to all manner of Passive Fire Protection requirements, and servicing all industry sectors including - Commercial, Industrial, Civil, Healthcare, Heritage Listed and Special Purpose Buildings. PFS Group is a leader in Passive Fire Protection, Vermiculite Fire Spray and Underslab Insulation to the Commercial and Industrial sectors. PFS Group service Architects, Engineers, Building Surveyors, Consultants, Designers, Builders and all allied trade contractors.

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Links Fire Protection Products and specifications. information on Vermiculite Fire Spray Technologies – Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Insulation data and downloads Barrier Systems, Bushfire Protection

Passive Fire Protection Products and specifications. Fire Products, Tools and Industrial Equipment

Protective Coatings and products Protection Products – Timber & Plaster

Spray on acoustic insulation

Specialist in thermal and acoustic insulation

Brisbane's leading Fire protection and insulation Specialist


Specialist in Passive Fire Protection and Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

 Re-enterable duct sealing system

Duct sealing system RDSS

 Duct sealing system RDSS